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About us

This is the place, where your photos will get a brand new look due to the application of the advanced digital technologies, professionalism of our team and individual approach we offer each and every client!

We realize well that each photo is a notable part of your life, which displays the most significant events and memories that should last for a lifetime. If you entrust us with the digital editing of your photos, you will not regret the choice even for a minute! Our professionals know how to get the most out of each photo and give it special and outstanding look! We do not only listen to your preferences and requirements, but we really hear them and try our best effort to make all your wishes come true.

We have special professional approach to all photos, considering all the nuances associated with them and all the preferences you might have. We stay in touch with you to turn your memories and special occasions into bright and faultless photos that can reveal your emotions and sincerity in the best way possible! These photos will further be used to decorate your home and create that special atmosphere of family unity, comfort and warmth, which is always associated with families and homes filled with love and happiness! We are eagerly waiting for you here, at Image Link Studio, to make your photo-related dreams come true!

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Our Services

As of today, the range of the services we offer is as follows:

Photo After-Touch
Photos are made in various situations and under different circumstances. It’s not quite easy to tell how people, objects or locations will look on them right from the start. In case you have made a photo or several of them and you are not satisfied with the result for some reason, professional photo after-touch may be a nice way out. Our experts will complete all the related tasks in the best way possible. We are not scared by any complexity levels or problems we’ll have to deal with. What we can do is add or remove objects or people, change shapes, colours and textures of clothes, modify body parts and appearance elements, remove flashes from glasses or mirrors, change the background, create photo collages and apply other digital methods of photo editing.
Photo Conversion
Photo conversion allows inserting a photo against any background, remove or change object positions and their conditions, make one photo out of several ones, which are of poor quality. Professional photo conversion is frequently used in advertising to create special effects and object positions, realize non-standard ideas that can not be photographed in ordinary life. When making photo conversion, it matters a lot to give the photos realistic look. All the shades, textures, details and positions should ideally merge in a single photo. This is exactly why, this should be done by a professional photo conversion master.
Photoshop Services
Application of Adobe Photoshop can notably enhance the way your photos will look. However, this tool should be applied wisely to give the photos realistic and professional look. That is why, we apply Photoshop smartly and only in those cases, when it is really required and it’s impossible to go without it. By using Adobe Photoshop tools, you can make any photos you wish meet your special needs, requirements and preferences.
Photo Correction
It’s not easy to apply photo correction to any photos, irrespective of their complexity and the time they were taken. Whether these are new or retro photos, their correction is often a challenge even for professionals, not to mention newbies. Photo correction always takes much time and allows solving various problems, such as removal or change of photo parts, removal of flash on glasses, dental brackets, undesirable skin defects and other unneeded elements.

About the Company

Image Link Studio is a professional digital photo editing studio, which was founded in 2000 and is currently based in New York. The company has over 17 years of expertise in the photography industry and has witnessed the development of the photo editing business up to the current days.

Image Link Studio differs a bit from all those available in the niche these days. This is understandable to everyone, who has ever dealt with us. And here is why. We employ professional photo experts, who are aware of the latest niche advancements, innovations and trends. We treat each client as a special person and apply individual approach to each and every client, considering specific nuances, requirements, preferences and details. We have made this website by using one of the most reliable website builders to enlist our services and provide you with trusted information you’d like to know about us.

As opposed to other photo studios, we have entirely focused on digital photo editing. We believe that editing photos and giving them excellent look and a touch of uniqueness is much more important and complicated than simply making photos. And we are here to help you with all your photo-related tasks, special preferences and requirements. Our clients value us for our credibility, trustworthiness and professionalism, which make us stand out from the crowd and withstand tough niche competition observed nowadays.